X-rays can help identify and diagnose broken bones, foreign objects in the skin and intestines, masses, internal injuries and kidney stones as well as many other pet ailments. For the most accurate and timely diagnosis possible we have a digital x-ray machine available for immediate use and evaluation. Digital images offer the ability to magnify and enhance enabling the veterinarian to make the best diagnoses possible. Images are stored in your pet’s health records on a computer allowing for future image comparisons and can be e-mailed when a referral to a specialist is needed.

We also offer hip dysplasia screening and OFA evaluations without anesthesia whenever possible.

We now proudly offer ultrasound imaging. Ultrasound allows the veterinarian to examine the internal organs of your pet in a painless manner with no known side effects. It can be used to uncover structural damage, deformities, or abnormalities to the heart, liver, stomach, kidneys, and other major bodily organs. Ultrasound can also capture real time movements of the organs, so functional abnormalities can also be found.