Heartworm Testing

Heartworm Testing: We often get questions about Heartworm testing and why it is so important to have your dog tested every year. When your dog is on Heartworm prevention they need to be tested yearly to make sure that the medicine is doing its job. It is very important for a dog to be on prevention every month and to make sure that the dose you are giving is correct for their weight range. Annual testing is recommended for several important reasons.


1. Many of us do not take our own medications as directed let alone medicate our pets. We’re busy; we forget; we miss a dose here and there.

2. Even if you never miss a dose it is possible for your dog to vomit up the medication you just gave. This leaves your pet without protection for an entire month.

3. If your pet accidentally became infected with heartworm, early detection is important before irreversible heart and lung damage occur.

4. Annual heartworm testing provides peace of mind in knowing that you’re pet is free of heartworm disease, and should your pet become infected, it assures you of early diagnosis.

Our goal is to keep your loving pet as healthy as possible for as long as possible, which is why it is not only our policy, but the manufacture’s policy that Heartworm testing be done every year to ensure validation of their product guarantees.

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