Included in your pet’s “Spa Day”

Nail trim with Dremel
Express anal glands
Clean ears
Thorough brushing/blow out
Brush teeth (additional upon request)


*The prices of grooming vary according to breed.

Skin condition or allergies? We can also assist with finding the right cleaning solutions for any type of coat or skin condition. Let our staff know of any allergies, irritations or special needs your friend may have for an enjoyable experience.



Did you know that regular grooming not only helps your pet look and smell good but is also good for their health?

Grooming at a veterinary facility can prove invaluable for early detection and prevention of many health problems. While your pet is being pampered at their Spa Day, our veterinary team is able to learn a lot about the current state of their health.

During a bath and thorough brushing our grooming team is able to examine the skin for any signs of trouble such as hot spots, lumps, or obvious infections.

Regular nail trims prevent long nails from catching on something and tearing away from the paw or painfully embedding into the paw. Overgrown nails can also cause an awkward gait, which will put a lot of pressure and strain on their joints and muscles, causing pain and discomfort.

Our top priority is your pet’s health and comfort! Call today and schedule a Spa Day for your pet.